Now that I think about it I think our server took pity on me because my little cousin said “Everyone forgot my cousins birthday”….. He is 6. Thanks boy.

Jul 20th / 0 notes

Probably one of the worst birthdays I’ve had. Most stressful for sure. Just was a pain in the add. Too bad my favorite holiday is birthdays. Guess now it won’t include my own. Turned out okay at night. At least I blew out a candle. Tbh just a shitty day in general. Stressed out and can’t relax. I’m already so tired and just wanna know how I’m doing in my class. Maybe my mom will get me some food that I actually want when she can celebrate my birthday with me, since she had to work. The one person I least expected stood up for me. Maybe they understand what neglection can do to a teen now….. Hopely 18th will be better.

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Can’t believe I’ll be 17 in just 4 hours. Not celebrating tomorrow though. Forced/ volunteered to go to this family get together where my uncle gets to meet up with other relatives. But, guess I’m not special enough like always. Since really I’m the only teen over here. Thanks guys. It’s okay, my mom can’t get tomorrow off anyways so really won’t feel like my birthday. Just happy I don’t have class on my birthday.

Happy to be alive still.

Jul 19th / 0 notes

It’s not like I need to be praised by the world on my birthday…. But I’d like to be just acknowledged and appreciated a little? Is that really much? I feel like most of this year I’ve been ignored or just a problem to people. I’ll be 17. Its not much but important to me that I’ve lived this far when just 10 years ago I didn’t know whether I’d even get to be 16.

Jul 13th / 0 notes

I haven’t had that much of a fucked up dream in so long…. Wow

Jul 11th / 0 notes

I was always one of those kids who got their math homework done in like 20 mins…. I never understood anyone who would take longer.

College. I get it now. 4 hours of homework every night. I’m so beat. Test next week. 8 hours this weekend of homework then 2 hours of review + 2 hours of prepping for next section. Jesus.

Jul 10th / 0 notes

Ugh college is everything high school is not. I love it so much. Screw high school. College is here why not?

Jul 9th / 0 notes

I love the rhythm my life is right now. Exactly what I want my summer to be.

Jul 8th / 0 notes

I don’t understand why some guys have to wear such tight pants. Like JEANS. Seriously, I just. Why. Why do that.

Jul 8th / 0 notes

Ugh the more and more I hear about becoming an engineer the scarier it gets. Like I KNOW ITS A LOT OF WORK. But jeez. I’m so freaking excited though. I really hope I do go into engineering. It feels right, right now. It has been since I’ve learned about it. So so happy right now.

Jul 7th / 0 notes

What a strange day….

Jul 7th / 0 notes

I’m so unbelievably excited for tomorrow. Just taking everything in and starting fresh. To New Beginnings :)

Jul 6th / 0 notes

I’m not gonna get any sleep this summer. Actually, probably won’t get any until I die. Which is probably pretty soon.

Jul 1st / 0 notes

Why can’t I learn this lesson? Why do I keep repeating this shit?

Jun 30th / 0 notes

Can’t wait to move away from all this fucked-up-ness!

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